Room Area Rag Rugs for Kitchen, Bathroom, Entry Way, Hallway and Bedroom 44″ x 26″

61c2avTJWrLI am really enjoying this laundry room handmade rug! I have been looking for something like this for a while now. I ended up putting it by my back door. I really like this style as it was popular when I was a child it so it reminds me of that time. I like the colors as well! It is versatile enough to go in just about any room of the house with the Browns and normally people have some version of brown in their flooring. The rug seems to be a good quality and it is larger than I expected it to be. I am very pleased with my purchase.

I received the handmade laundry room rug it at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I can honestly recommend this rug to anyone looking for a throw rug of the style. I think it is very constructed and it looks very nice.

Digital pocket kitchen Scale

61DSDqLWPkL._SX425_My husband and I have recently started watching what we eat in addition to exercising. This digital pocket kitchen scale will come in extremely handy in helping with portion sizes for our new diet. I like that it is so compact and it doesn’t take up much room on our counter. I also like that it comes with a clear plate that you can put your food into so I don’t have to figure out the weight of a bowl and then subtract that weight from the food I just put this plate on there and it starts at zero and measures the ounces that’s in the plate not the plate itself. It comes with batteries and is ready to go. The scale is very easy to use and the numbers are very visible when you’re using it.

I received the scale in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I can confidently and honestly recommend this scale to anyone looking for something to measure their food easily. It is also good for portioning out ground beef if you buy in bulk and want to break it up into 1 pound increments. Really there is a wide variety of uses for the scale.

VESSEL Aromatherapy Essential Oil Necklace Chain Lock

71C8ynDxPPL._UY500_The metal that this beautiful aromatherapy essential oil necklace is made from seems to be of good quality. It doesn’t seem like it will bend easily. I love how the beads match the color of the sun. It is very easy to add the sense into your necklace. I think I will I love how the beads match the color of the sun. It is very easy to add the sense into your necklace. I think I will try perfume next time but for this time around I used a essential oils. I have included a video for you to see how easy it is to add the oils and put the beads into the necklace.

I received the necklace in at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I love the concept of putting the scent into the beads because I find that my perfume doesn’t last throughout the day while it does if I use the beads within this necklace.

Neoflam Eela 5-Piece Ceramic Nonstick Cookware

619CPd3E8IL._SL1500_I receive these ceramic nonstick pots and pans yesterday and was so excited to try them out. I have mainly use the frypan so far and it is performing extremely well. I even tested it to see if it could withstand an egg being cooked in it without the egg sticking. While eggs stuck a little bit, it ultimately did come out with no sticking to the pan. Although I will use soap and water in the pan it’s comes clean enough that you could simply wipe the pan out and probably be OK. I just wouldn’t want to have flavors from the prior meal mingling with the flavors of the current meal. And I would imagine after a while the pan wouldn’t be clean. The pans are all heavy duty pans with nonstick surfaces. I purchased the light green pans and really like how the color complements my kitchen walls.61HaoiQY3OL._SL1500_

I receive the pots and pans at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review I could confidently recommend this to any families that love to cook!

Love this French Press!

81OF0X8J8hL._SL1500_How do you make your coffee? Instant? Coffee Maker? French Press? My husband is the coffee drinker and we’ve recently discovered the french press is an easy alternative to a coffee maker. This French press actually turned out to be better than the previous French press that I broke. In that one the glass canister came out of the French press frame and I accidentally broke it. With this French press it appears that the glass does not come out of the frame which is fine for our use. Our previous French press my husband even needed to rig it so the metal frame would stay together with a plastic cup that the glass sat in. We have no problems with this French press in that way. It even comes with extra filters so we really like that aspect as well. It is a sturdy construction.

I received the French press at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I am very very pleased with the French press performance and structure. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is shopping for a French press.

Women’s Casual Nylon Wristlet Bag

51TdvR4eD6L._UY500_I purchased this women’s casual nylon wristlet bag for my daughter. She was looking for a bag to store her make up in. She just started wearing make up. So she doesn’t have a large collection. Everything fits in there very nicely and she will be able to add more. I like that it has 4 pockets. You wouldn’t think that a wristlet could manage 4 pockets and still look nice but this looks very nice. I wasn’t sure if my daughter would use it for her make up but I knew that it is stylish enough that she would use it as a wristlet for shopping if not. The strap is adjustable and pretty long so I wouldn’t worry about whether it will be long enough. The wristlet is easy to wipe clean if needed. To give you some concept of size, I would say it’s about the size of an average woman’s hand.

I received the wristlet at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I can honestly and confidently recommend this wristlet bag to anyone looking for a casual nylon wristlet that can double as a purse with a long strap. It holds quite a bit and those straps secure nicely with clips on either side of the bag. The zippers are also sturdy as there is one on the outside and then one on the inside middle. You may be able to see in the photos I am providing.

SharkBlu Supplies Heavy Duty Swimming Pool Skimmer


I am very excited to use this new heavy duty swimming pool skimmer. I have been using the 12 x 18″ size skimmer for the past five years. While that size and quality nuts is sufficient for my current pool size and capacity I was anxious to try out the heavy duty pool skimmer. I love that it is slightly larger than the lighter weight skimmer. It will cover more ground so I can quickly clean out the pool and the kids can just jump in. I will feel safer about getting the occasional dead bird out of the pool using this versus the light weight net. I think the process of cleaning the pool will be just a little quicker with this heavy duty skimmer. I am also anticipating it will last a little longer then the lighter weight of the two. While the lighter version does last for quite a while (five years in my case) I am excited about the using the larger capacity net. The not fit nicely on the pool that I already had that originally came with my lighter weight net. You’ll find that it should easily fit a standard pool pole.

I was given the leaf skimmer in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I can honestly and confidently recommend this pool skimmer leaf net two new pool owners and veteran pool owners alike. I hope that my review has helped with your buying decision today. I welcome comments or questions!

Nature’s Way Premium 100% Wool XL Dryer Balls

71hC3FO9WJL._SX522_I have been wanting some of these wool dryer balls for quite some time. They will save a lot of money on dryer sheets for us. We use a couple for a medium to large load. They are working very nicely so far. Since we started using the wool dryer balls we have even noticed a decrease in the amount of limbs that is collecting in the dryer I’m not sure if that is due to the wool dryer balls or what that phenomenon is caused by. We experience no static with using the dryer balls which is a sure sign that these are working how I need them to. I would’ve liked to have seen a guide and here to know how many dryer balls to use per load. But I was able to find out by looking at the questions on the listing so I got by OK without it.

I receive the dryer balls at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I would strongly recommend this to anyone that is looking to save money on their weekly laundry and anyone looking to help the environment for they do not waste any dryer sheets.



Bamboo Pillow with Natural Latex Foam

81tybYvFHSL._SL1500_You’ll find that this bamboo pillow comes very very tightly wrapped. This is not a bad thing it just gives you the impression that it may not be a large pillow once you unwrap it. However that is far from the case it is definitely a queen size pillow and it is very sick. I had already planned to give this pillow to my daughter prior to receiving it but once we receive that I really wanted to keep it for myself. I did still let her have it for herself. I was able to easily fit a queen size pillow case over the pillow. It is nice and squishy and fluffy is the best way I can describe it. I saw that it was just as fluffy in the morning when she woke up it wasn’t compressed or anything from her head which was nice. She has found a pillow is extremely comfortable as I had expected it would be. I will definitely be ordering one of these for myself soon. I see that someone else is arguing that there is no way text within the pillow but as far as I could tell it’s seem to be a late text material when I squished it the material between my fingers it was definitely not One of the shredded memory foam type pillows. While I do have one of those and find it to be comfortable I would disagree with anyone that says that this is the same thing.

I receive the pillow at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I can honestly and confidently recommend this pillow to anyone looking for a plush pillow that keeps its shape nicely and is machine washable.

GikBay Popsicle Molds Ice Pop Maker Repeat Use Durable BPA-Free plastic Oval Ice Pop Mold ,Set of 6

5 out of 5 Stars

IMG_7400 FullSizeRender (9) FullSizeRender (6)
I am loving these GikBay Popsicle Molds just in time for summer. They are very easy to clean by hand as I can get my fingers into the mold very easily. They are also very easy to wash in the dishwasher without them moving around. I love that they come with a tray and that the Popsicle holders snap onto the tray easily. They are a good size popsicle as well. Not too large for the kids or myself. We made Popsicles from a yummy fruit smoothie mix. When the Popsicles were ready, we simply had to put them under hot water to remove the stick from the mold. It was very easy for my kids to do that on their own. Oh! And the stick also snaps onto the mold while the items are freezing. That works very nicely if you have a light liquid in there such as Kool-Aid so that the tops don’t float up and possibly out in the freezing process. This is just an all-around very nice product! My favorite part is the trays so that the Popsicles are not either laying on their side in the freezer or I don’t have to put them into a container before I add them to the freezer. Very easy to use and convenient.

I receive the popsicle molds at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I honestly love this product and would give it six stars if that was possible. I think mothers will enjoy using these with their kids come summertime or even in the winter time for that matter.